To lessen the impact of disasters on our Hillsboro community through preparedness and training.

Washington County CERT Rodeo

Sep 21 2013 07:00

The details have been confirmed. This is going to be a great event.

Washington County CERT programs will be participating in a CERT Rodeo. If you are not familiar with the rodeo it is a day of scenario based training and exercises for CERT members.

All programs have different ways of operating and in a big event we will all be working together.

There are details in the flyer but here they are below.

Who: All CERT members in Washington County are invited. event limit is 180 participants

What: Washington County CERT Rodeo

The Most Overlooked Aspect of Emergency Preparedness.

Emergency situations and disasters have an effect on all of us. They increase stress, can effect sleep, impact decision making ability, and cause extreme fatigue.

This can be looked at through a variety of different angles. There is a great deal of research indicating that an individual’s level of physical fitness is a factor in their perceived level of stress. The less physically fit a person is, the greater impact a stressful event had. This increase in stress perception has the ability to greatly impact decision making abilities and the ability to respond and help others.

Fall CERT series

Sep 11 2013 18:30

We are taking registration for our Fall CERT class.

This class will start on Wednesday September 11 and last for eight weeks.

We meet at the Ronler Acres Fire Station 4455 NW 229th ave in Hillsboro. Class is scheduled from 6:30 - 9:30.

Topics covered include emergency preparedness and disaster threats, fire extingusiher training, emergency medicine, light search and rescue, disaster psychology, and team organization.

There is no cost to attend. If you would like to participate email

I look forward to seeing you there.

Map Your Neighborhood

As you work within your neighborhood or workplace I want to remind you about the Map Your Neighborhood program. This is a program that helps organize your neighborhood and develop the relationships needed in times of disaster.

The program lasts an hour to an hour and a half. It can be held in an individual home, community clubhouse, church, business, or even at the fire station.

I have the materials and will lead a discussion for your group to get to know your neighbors and surroundings better.

About Hillsboro CERT

The City of Hillsboro provides you with quality emergency fire and medical services. In the wake of a disaster they may be unavailable due to debris and road damage, plus an overwhelming need for emergency response in all areas of the city. Some basic training in disaster survival and rescue skills will improve your ability to survive until assistance arrives.

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