Things are always changing

I have spent time preparing my family for disaster. We have prepared with supplies, financially, increased our insurance, and plan with the neighbors.

All of us have planned and prepared. When was the last time we reviewed our plans and checked our supplies? I ask this because on April 3rd things changed for me. My wife and I were blessed with our second child. As a result I added additional water to our kits. I added formula, diapers, clothes, etc.

As those of you who have kids know, they grow like weeds. Something that fits or works one week might not work the next.
While I was adding things for the new baby I checked and realized the shoes and clothes we had in our kit for Brandon didn't fit him any more.

Things like weight gain/loss, changes in medication, family additions, etc are all things that may cause the equipment we have to be less than sufficient.

I ask that you take some time to go through your equipment and supplies. Make sure that what you have meets your current needs and if you can anticipate any changes account for those.

You all have taken great steps to help yourselves and the community. I thank you for that.

Until next time

Mitch Neilson