Need 5 more for Habitat for Humanity Afternoon Session

Nov 7 2009 12:00

CERT is about helping you, your family, coworkers, and neighborhood during a disaster. I was thinking, why stop there. As a group of people who care about the place we live and work why can’t we do more before a disaster strikes.

I have been talking with Habitat for Humanity. They have a site in Aloha they are building at this time. They need help building fences, hanging siding, and interior painting. These houses when complete go to families in need. The application and selection process is extensive. The recipients of these homes are also required to assist in the construction of the house.

Assuming we get a good response I would like to make this a recurring event avery few months. Here is the break down.

November 7th 2009

There are two shifts. 8:00 to noon and noon to 4:00. There is a need for 10-12 people per shift.

Location is near 198th and TV hwy

There are no tools needed. All needed tools are provided. You must dress for the weather as some people may be outside.

For more info go to

There has been a good deal in interested expressed to this point. These spots should fill fast. Let me know ASAP if you are interested