A new year and a needed resolution

A new year has begun. Every year many people make resolutions. Often these revolve around physical fitness or weight loss. Some might be related to education or career choices. These are all great areas for people to focus on. What would happen if individuals and families made a resolution to prepare themselves and their families for emergencies?

We live in the Northwest. It can be expected it will snow at some point every year in the metro area. Last night, December 29th there was an unexpected snow storm. This was not expected and as the media stated caught many people off guard. Those of you trying to get home saw the mass of people who were not prepared. The other group had a set of chains in their car. They had water and food. They were able to take care of themselves and get where they needed to go. It was the people not prepared who created problem for the entire transit system.

It wasn’t a lack of snow plows, salt, sand, or any other device. It was a lack of preparedness on drivers’ parts. Many did not have proper equipment or in the case of two people I stopped to help they did not know how to use what they had.

There are the individuals who blindly follow their GPS. Some individuals have lost their lives. All of these situations could have been prevented if individuals and groups were prepared. Have a map and a general idea of where you are going. Recognize the limitations of your equipment and you, both mentally and physically. Finally have a plan. If things go south what will you do?

There have been other snow storms and wind storms that have created problems for people. A lack of electricity, food, and water consistently show themselves to be problems. I saw it during the 2007 windstorm on the North Oregon Coast. We saw it during the 2008 snowstorm as well.

As you prepare yourself for the new year I encourage you to also make a resolution to prepare for events you know will happen. I make an effort to not be “that guy”. I don’t want to be that guy who stops traffic in the metro area. I don’t want to be that guy waiting for some agency to take care of me and my family.

The following is a link to a 12 month preparedness guide. By dividing this into manageable pieces you will be able to prepare your family and not be a victim. http://www.hillsborocert.org/sites/default/files/01%20-%20Prep%20Calenda...
It doesn’t take a lot of time and money. It requires planning and organization. This will protect you and your family in an emergency or unexpected situation like a snowstorm, power outage, or contaminated water supply.

Thank you for your time and service.

Mitch Neilson